Year:         1981

Company:   Neve, Melbourne, UK

Product:     Digital Audio Mixing Console

Description: Design and prototype of an audio processor using bit-slice technology and custom micro-programming language. The processor carries out all gain, routing, filtering and dynamic range operations on 2-channels of audio.

Neve won a Queen’s Award for Technical Innovation for products based on this design.

Patents:     GB2017987, GB2147165, US4470109


Year:         1985

Company:   DAR, Chessington, UK

Product:     Wordfit

Description: A dedicated audio processor for measuring and correcting the timing differences between two sections of dialog. It was used in major film production houses, including Hollywood, for post-syncing dialog.

Patents:     GB2117168


Year:         1990

Company:    DAR, Chessington, UK

Product:     SoundStation Sigma

Description: Third generation audio workstation with DSP mixing and processing. The console used a touch-screen with assignable functions and could edit, process and mix up to 16 channels of audio



Company:   AV Digital, Singapore

Year:         1992

Product:     Audio resampling and varispeed

Description: A hardware implementation of patented sampling frequency algorithms using Motorola 56002.

Patents:     US4716472

Year:         1996

Company:   Studer Editech, Menlo Park, California

Product:     PostTrio

Description: Advanced digital audio workstation for video post production. Features included fully synchronized random access to video, audio and subtitles, autoconforming to video EDLs, and automated mixing with motorized faders for up to 48 channels of audio.

Patents:     US60015305  


Year:          2001

Company:    Uncut Audio, Palo Alto, California

Product:      Audiola

Description: An embedded platform and SDK for audio post production. First adopted for the Truevision Targa 3000 and later by Sony, Leitch, GVG and others. Based on PCI architecture with dual Motorola 56301 and support for varispeed, parametric EQ, surround 5.1ch and 24 input channels.


Year:           2003

Company:     Pinnacle Systems, Mountain View, California

Product:       StreamFactory HiQ

Description:  Audio pre-processing for streaming encoder. Uses multi-band compression for best audio quality at reduced data rates.

Patents:       GB2147165, GB2179808, GB2179809,GB2179810


Year:         2005

Company:   Pinnacle Systems, Mountain View, California

Product:     Surround Sound, SmartMovie, AudioFluid for Studio

Description: A completely redesigned audio subsystem for the highly successful Pinnacle Studio consumer video editing software. Features 5.1ch surround mixing, synchronised speed/pitch changes, and auto movie creation by editing to the beat of the background music track.

Patents:     US7301092


Year:           2008

Company:     Avid

Product:       Scorefitter

Description:  Music and effect generation for consumer video editing. Songs are automatically created at the correct length for a chosen genre and style.

Patents:       US7863511


Year:          2015

Company:    Apama Medical LLC, Campbell, California

Product:      Vision pipeline for AFib catheter

Description:  A complete HDR video pipeline for multi-camera projection and stitching using OpenCV.