Guy McNally is the named inventor on the following patents. Please refer to individual patents for details of co-authors and contributors. All patents have been assigned to the organisations for whom the work was done.

GB2017987 - Method and apparatus for processing data, particularly digital audio signals. (1982)
GB2039693 - Digital programme level meter. (1982)

GB2145866 - Fast start up and synchronisation of DATRs (1986)

GB2147165 - Dynamic range control. (1985)
GB2179808 - Dynamic range control of a signal. (1987)
GB2179809 - Dynamic range control of a signal. (1987)
GB2179810 - Dynamic range control of a signal. (1987)

GB2175436 - Fast edit point and cue location. (1986)

US4470109 - Real time data sampling with memory sharing by high speed I/O processor and cycle stealing support processor. (1984)

US4591928 - Method and apparatus for use in processing signals. (1986)

US4562489 - Apparatus for recording of digital data. (1985)
US4620238 - Method and apparatus for recording and replay of digital audio data (1986)
US4591926 - Method for editing interleaved digital audio data. (1986)

US4564918 - Method and apparatus for measuring the time difference between two sample times. (1986)

US4716472 - Variable speed replay of digital audio with constant output sampling rate. (1987)

US60015305 - Video subtitling facility. (1998)

US7301092 - Method and apparatus for synchronizing audio and video components of multimedia presentations.(2007) (SmartMovie)

US7863511 - System and method of generating audio sequences of prescribed duration. (2010) (Scorefitter)


PCT/US2017/028174 - Methods and systems for controlling energy delivery in medical devices. (2017)


62/484,378 - Operational procedures for RF ablation system. (2017) (Provisional Application)