“The science behind smart”.


Who we are.


2021 Academy Award

Smartience is the foundation for a number of activities in video, image and audio signal processing. At the core are the smartience and audiola libraries that provide semantic analysis and processing for video/image and audio respectively and are ideal for mobile applications.

The two libraries are platform agnostic and have been successfully used in Windows, iOS, Android, Linux and embedded applications. Whether you work in mobile, desktop or cloud, these libraries provide a broad range of media analysis capabilities.

The APIs for audio and image processing have been designed to be as consistent as possible making it easy to build applications that combine analysis in both domains.

Recent additions include image warping, stitching, HDR, object recognition with ML (Tensorflow) and a toolbox for spatial audio.

The versatility of the libraries is demonstrated by applications published in the Google Play and Apple AppStore. Sample code is available so that users can quickly get a mobile app running.

Products and services are provided by two entities - Uncut Video and Uncut Audio. The domain for Uncut Video was sold to AOL in 2006 while Uncut Audio, a California Corporation, was sold to Avid Technology in 2001. We have permission and chose to continue using these names for our ongoing activities under the smartience umbrella.